PrePad estimates and explains every dollar and every minute of every pad.

Isometric projection 3D graphic of a laptop computer with the PrePad app opened, connected to a platform with a well sitting atop and labelled completions.

PrePad's Completions module offers a multitude of benefits to energy producers, including:

  • Generating accurate and transparent cost and time estimates for any design changes in minutes
  • Decision support regarding contracting and supply chain strategies
  • Minimizing the distraction of last-minute change requests effortlessly and accurately.
  • Standardization across business units
  • Knowledge retention and transfer
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Screenshot of PrePad's app showing the completions simulation model.

Completions Simulation Model

Powerful, fully transparent algorithms estimate cost and cycle time by simulating the end-to-end process

Screenshot of the PrePad app showcasing transparency in algorithms.

Fully Transparent

Algorithms are not artificial intelligence or machine learning; they are transparent, authentic intelligence

Generate Completions AFE

AFE-level cost estimates with unique cost codes


Build a multi-variable design of experiments and simulate thousands of scenarios in minutes

Demand Forecasting

Understand detailed demand forecasts and get ahead of potential bottlenecks

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