Well Pad Planning in Minutes

Simulate the end-to-end well drilling and completions process for hundreds of unique designs in only minutes. Discover the optimal trade-off between production, cost, cycle time, emissions, and risk.

Truly Optimize Shale Well Pad Development

PrePad™ has an economic optimizer built on the industry's only drilling and completions simulator, allowing operators to maximize their financial returns while minimizing GHG emissions and risks.


What used to take a team of people months to accomplish can now be performed by a single staff member in minutes.

Minimize GHG Emissions & RiskS

Simulating hundreds of scenarios reveals ways to reduce emissions for the lowest cost and operational risk.


Understand the relationship between any financial metric for all simulated scenarios i.e.: free-cash-flow (FCF) vs completions cost per well.

Experience the Future

Unlike Excel or in-house models, we allow operators to simulate the precise drilling and completions process by incorporating well pad design parameters, first principles physics models, and machine learning.


Drilling & Completions Simulation

Powerful algorithms accurately simulate the end-to-end drilling and completions well manufacturing processes.

Cloud Based

Increase collaboration among teams. High-speed processing of complex computations, remote updates, and software improvements.

Fully Transparent

The underlying algorithms are not black box, artificial intelligence; they are transparent, authentic intelligence. Designed to strike the perfect balance between power and simplicity.

Case Study


Immediate Value PER WELL

By running over 10 times more iterations than practical due to highly manual and iterative tools currently available.


Future Value Per Well

By exploring new hypothetical design scenarios that would otherwise not have been evaluated without the software due to limited resources.

"You can't take this tool away from me."

– Senior Well Engineer, Supermajor Oil & Gas Company

Meet the Founders

PrePad™ is a product from First Step Analytics, a company founded by a team of former Shell engineers.

Sean Hervo, MBA, P.Eng.


Sean spent the last 11 years at Shell, leading teams in their shale oil and gas business across the Americas. He served in various roles including Strategic Supply Chain Lead, Completions Engineering Manager for Canada and Product Manager for the Shell MVP. He is a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manitoba and completed his MBA at Cornell University.

Brandon Eidson, Ph.D.


Brandon has been with Shell for the past 3 years, supporting multiple businesses through Shell TechWorks. He was a Senior Systems Engineer, Full Stack Software Developer for the Shell MVP and has experience as an entrepreneur in various startups. Brandon has completed both his Bachelor degree and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering at Auburn University.

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