About PrePad

Learn about the company's history and its vision for the future of decision making by energy producers.

Our Mission

At PrePad, we don’t just create software—we’re on a mission to redefine the industry.

Our commitment is firmly rooted in our mission: to elevate engineering capabilities by revolutionizing drilling and completions, delivering sustainable, precise, and efficient cost and time estimation solutions.

PrePad isn’t merely our product—it’s our pledge to advance progress, efficiency, and precision in the energy industry, today and into the future.


To set the global standard for cost and time estimation in drilling and completions

How It Started

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, PrePad was born from a unique and timely opportunity, envisioned by co-founders Sean Hervo and Brandon Eidson. Sean, based in Calgary, and Brandon, in Boston, synergize a dynamic blend of expertise and vision.

Their journey initiated at Shell, where, as employees, they crafted, refined, and applied the minimum viable product (MVP) of PrePad, specifically tailored to meet Shell's requirements. This experience brought to light two pivotal insights: the synergy of their skill sets and the extensive applicability of their solution beyond Shell.

With support from their families and Shell, they ventured out to fully realize PrePad’s potential. Today, PrePad stands as a testament to its vision to establish the global standard for cost and time estimation in drilling and completions. Guided by their leadership, PrePad is on a steadfast path to becoming an industry benchmark.